November 1, 2013
Jidouhanbaiki, konbini, and saketen.

From the second I got off the plane at Narita Airport in 2002 and saw my first jidouhanbaiki (drink vending machine) I was fascinated with them. That fascination has only grown over the years and every trip I make to Japan I’m always on the lookout for jidouhanbaiki and the newest drink I’ve not tasted yet. This is a map I’ve been working on that documents the 152 vending machines I’ve walked past or used on my way to and from my hotel to Kyoto or Gojo Stations. It also shows konbini and sake stores I’ve been to in the area too. If you’re in Portland you can check it out at Hellion Gallery on November 7th in their group show called ‘Cartographers Delight’.